Saturday, August 4, 2012

Film Shows Epic Journey Of Nigeria's Jews


An epic cinematic journey that reveals a link between ancient Jewish culture and the people of modern Nigeria will have its Long Island premier next month in Plainview.

The Manetto Hill Jewish Center will host the screening of “Re-Emerging: The Jews of Nigeria” on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012 at 7 p.m.

The entire community is invited.
Jeff Lieberman's film, which has showings this weekend in North Carolina and Australia, will be in attendance at the Plainview event to discuss his work.

From a historical perspective, the documentary's revelations are stunning:

The film follows the journey of Shmuel, a young Nigerian Jew, who uncovers his Judaic roots as a member of the Igbo clans in Nigeria. Using the Internet, the young man realizes the similarities between his culture and Jewish traditions. His story reveals an ancient link of Nigeria's Igbo who are now re-connecting with their Jewish roots.

Experts trace the Igbo people from Biblical times through the Biafran War of the 1960s, when more than a million Igbo were killed.

The film's saga transcends geographic boundaries: Countless African-Americans of Nigerian descent may be connected to the Igbo people and share their Jewish heritage, the film asserts. Igbo people were enslaved by the thousands by Western traders and transplanted in the New World.

"The film is a riveting documentary film which has received international acclaim," said Marilyn Morris, a member of the MHJC's membership committee. "The filmmaker has expertly captured the stories, history and real life pictures of the lives and culture of the Igbo people."

A short film trailer can be seen on the film's website:

The entire community, regardless of religious affiliation, is invited to attend the Sept. 9 screening, synagogue leaders said.

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