Sunday, November 22, 2009

YSU Students Headed to [Imo State University] Nigeria


A group of Youngstown State Univeristy students are headed in January to Nigeria, some to learn, some to help. But that's an expensive trip, so the criminal justice and nursing students are trying to raise some money with an art auction.

"The plane ticket is what costs the most money," said Pamela Schuster, YSU nursing professor. "So it's $1,200 for a plane ticket, and after that, it will be minimal expenses but probably another thousand or so or a little more."

Schuster said she hopes to raise money at the auction to lower costs for students wanting to make the trip. She also said the nursing students will set up and run a medical clinic.

"We bring local health care providers," Schuster said. "We bring doctors, nurses, pharmacists and bring health care to poor and underprivileged people."

But a 'once and done' trip isn't what the university is hoping for. While there, professors hope to establish a relationship with a Nigerian university. The relationship with the Imo State University will be YSU's first partnership in Africa.

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